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FLOW is the frequency of interaction you have with the people in your sphere, database, circle or connections.

(whatever you call it) 


"Flow builds relationships, it is the lifeblood and oxygen of your relationships- and your business. Flow is what makes you visible and keeps you top of mind."


My goal is to help you with taking action and executing on a plan of action to stay top of mind with greeting cards, mailouts and gifts. You see, when you acknowledge people in a way that is important to them and you send meaningful and value added flow, you make them feel good and they want more of that kind of value. 

Because we work with tools and systems that allow you to personalize and customize your content, your touches are special and unique. You are in control of your database so you can edit, change and update as needed. We don't have contracts. If you find value in what we offer, we want to work with you and support your business, and if you don't- you can cancel at any time.

I'd love to meet with you to learn how we can best support you. 

For more information on the Ninja Selling system, please visit 

Sylvia Castillo

Pictured here is Larry Kendall, creator of the

Ninja Selling system and Sylvia Castillo, author of the Ninja Prayer which is published in the afterward of the Ninja Selling book.

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